Hosting under a /docs or /blog path

Notaku supports hosting a docs site under your own domain and make it available on the /docs path.
This is an alternative to using a subdomain of your website like, you can instead show the Notaku docs at
To support this feature you will need to reroute all traffic beginning with /docs path to a Notaku special url ending with
Notice that this feature is enabled only for docs and blog websites and only for the paths /docs /help and /blog
To be able to follow this guide you need to upgrade to the 99 plan



  1. Upgrade to the $99 plan to enable this feature
  1. Click on the How to host on /docs button in your website dashboard
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  1. Select Next.js in the options
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  1. Add the code in the rewrites function to your next.config.js file (create one if missing)
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Cloudflare workers

Follow this guide to learn how to host your website on a subdirectory on Cloudflare Hosting on /docs or /blog with Cloudflare