Best practices

This is a list of things to keep in mind when creating Notaku websites from Notion

Pages must not be outside of the root Notion page

Notaku will not sync pages outside of the root one, this is to prevent syncing your entire Notion workspace with Notaku by error.
If your page links have an arrow next to them, they are page links. If these page links reference a page outside of your root Notion page (the one connected to Notaku) they won’t work.

Do not create empty pages

If you link to an empty Notion page Notaku will not create a link.
This is to improve SEO and hide the many empty database pages that are automatically created by Notion when using a database.

Databases must not be outside of the root Notion page

Notaku will not sync databases outside of the root Notion page.

Use simple tables instead of databases

Simple tables will have better SEO and are better supported in Notaku.

Do not use complex database features

While Notion is awesome and you can create super complex stuff with it you should try to keep your blocks configurations simple and straightforward.
For example it’s better to not databases to display data and instead opt for simpler alternative like a simple table.
Some Notion database features you should avoid are
  • Database groups
  • Database filters
  • Database expressions
  • Multiple database views