A Changelog site is a good way to show progress of your product to your users, Notaku took inspiration from the Linear and Raycast changelog websites for this feature.
You can see a changelog website demo here.

Creating a changelog website

You can create a changelog site from the new site button in the dashboard, then you will need to duplicate the Notion template link.
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Notion page

You can use the following Notion page as a template.
The connected Notion page should be a table database with the following properties:
  • Date: optional, it is the page creation date by default, it must have Date property type
  • Version :optional, can have text or tags property type, it will show the entry version on the left side
Every page of the database will be shown in the changelog, you can use all Notaku supported blocks in the changelog entry: you can include images, videos, embed content and more.

Changelog entries order

The order of the items will be the reversed order of the database, this is to make it easier to show the latest items on top.


Changelog sites support the same customization options as docs and blog sites: you can change header logo, links, footer, etc