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How to create a blog website with Notion

Blogging with Notion is great, you can use a tool like Notaku to create a full featured blog website that has great performance, SEO and all the features you expect.
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Notion has one of the best writing experience on the web, wouldn’t be cool if we could use it as CMS for a blog website?
With Notaku you can do exactly that, Notaku will use a Notion table database as storage of your blog posts and you can simply create a new table entry to add a new post.

Why use Notion to write your blog

There are many reasons:
  • Notion writing experience is great
  • Notion supports many block types to enrich your content: Callouts, Quotes, Code blocks, Embeds and more

Create the website with Notaku

Notaku is a tool to build websites from Notion, one of the websites it can create are blogs.
Notaku has a free plan but you will need to buy a subscription if you want to add a custom domain or have higher traffic.

How to create a blog website with Notion

  1. Sign up to Notaku
  1. Click “Create website” and choose blog website
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  1. Clone the blog Notion template and make the resulting page public
  1. Paste the Notion page url in Notaku dashboard
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  1. Wait for sync to finish and customize the website the way you want
Notaku will publish a website based on your Notion content on a notaku.site subdomain, later you will be able to add your own custom domain like blog.example.com.
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Customize the website

You can customize the website and add
  • a custom domain
  • a logo on the website header
  • a link on the header to link to your main website
  • footer to add misc links like social accounts
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The Notion database

Notaku uses a Notion table database for your blog content, these are the fields Notaku uses for your posts
  • Description, the meta description of your post
  • Authors, to add other Notion users that are author of the post (it will be the Notion page creator by default)
  • Date, it will be the page creation date by default
  • Tags, to group your posts in categories and tags
  • Hidden, to hide a blog post that is still a draft
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Creating a new blog post

To create a new blog post you will simply add a new entry in the Notion database.
You can use all the Notion blocks you want in the page and Notaku will generate a website page from it.


Notaku also exposes an RSS endpoint in the /rss.xml path, you can use this rss feed to integrate your blog with other tools, for example send a new email for new posts or send a new Discord message when you publish a new blog post.


SEO means search engine optimization, Notaku optimizes SEO for you, all your blog post pages are server rendered HTML and have all the necessary meta tags.
Notaku will also create a siitemap.xml file for your blog, this will contain all your posts urls and it will help google indexing your website.
Notaku will also generate the social media images for Twitter, Facebook, etc based on your Notion cover

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